In 2004, Alex Gómez had the desire to implement what he had learned in the past when he started working in various restaurants in Puerto Rico and in California. It was his experience working with the community, quality of food and great service that inspired him to open our first restaurant, Tijuana’s Bar & Grill in the touristic Condado Area. The name of the restaurant honors the mexican culture, wich he embraced while working in San Diego, California, a town next to Tijuana, México.

After eleven years, our popularity has grown, and so has our business. Today, we are proud owners of two more restaurants, one in Old San Juan and another in Guaynabo. Our priviledged locations in the main touristic areas of the capital of Puerto Rico, have given us enough exposition and brand recognition. We are actually in the #1 position among the mexican restaurants in Puerto Rico and our popular margaritas have won us the People’s Choice Awards. We have also received the Excellence Certificate in Trip Advisor multiple times.

That is why we pick top quality products to confection our Menu, and we have carefully chosen specialists to create it. Our mexican Executive Chef has over 15 years experience in Mexican food. Our employees have over 20 years of experience in the food and hotel industry. Excellent service is a must, and we take it very seriously. That has been the key to our success.